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EL Monogram or LE Monogram, Crest, Logo

Thursday, December 8, 2022

A Vintage Monogram for Invitations

In wedding invitations, a very classic way to personalize the design is through the use of a vintage logo such as a classic monogram. Most couples now choose to use the first letters of their first names in the monogram, instead of the classic three-letter monogram. This is a modern twist on a vintage style. In the EL or LE logo below, the monogram is done in classic gold with black print, but many other colors can keep the same kind of style, such as navy and gold.

Digital prints of this EL Monogram or LE Monogram design can be found here: EL Monogram LE Monogram Collection. If you’d like a custom print in letterpress or foil please contact us.

EL monogram LE monogram

For the wedding below, Emily and Lawrence are using the first letters of their first name in a lovely EL (or LE) duogram. Often the use of a vintage monogram is an indication that this is a more formal and traditional wedding. This is not necessarily true, but other indicators will be the wedding venue, other accessories, and any indication of the dress code for the event.

Monogrammed Cards

Personal stationery cards are also a great place to use an EL monogram (or LE monogram) when it’s time to give a formal or classic touch to a special note. Or, as an elegant thank you note for wedding gifts. It’s also an excellent monogram present, as a timeless card like this can be used for years to come.

MB Monogram or BM Monogram, Crest, Logo

Friday, September 9, 2022

Selecting a Vintage Monogram

An elegant and classic decoration for a wedding invitation is a vintage monogram like this MB monogram (or BM monogram) that was printed in gold on this traditional wedding invitation. The M and the B are interlocked together, in an artistic embrace representing the first names of each of the couple. A monogrammed invitation is a way to show the uniting of two people into one symbol. It’s also beautiful artwork that can be used on lots of different wedding items, like the invitations, cocktail napkins, coasters, and thank you cards.

If you’d like to order flat prints of the BM monogram (or MB monogram), you can do so directly here: BM Monogram or MB Monogram Collection. If you’d like a custom print in letterpress or foil please contact us.

For this wedding invitation, Brianna and Michael are the couple using the B and M of their first names for their custom monogram. This is also called a duogram, with the duo together in a new symbol of union. This style of traditional wedding invitation is very simple, with the monogram at the top and the elegant text below it. This kind of classic invitation will still look great in 10, 20, 30 years and beyond. Really this kind of simple and classic invitation with an MB duogram and BM duogram never goes out of style.

Monogrammed Personal Stationery

Another way to use an MB monogram (or BM monogram) is on personal stationery. This may also be for a single individual, where the initials represent that person’s first and last names. This monogrammed notecard below is perfect for a personal note, or a wedding thank you card to match the invitations.

AC or CA Monogram, Crest, Logo

Thursday, September 1, 2022

When it’s time to create a vintage logo wedding invitation, something like this AC or CA monogram in an ornate yet readable style is the way to go. It is a great adornment on traditional letterpress wedding invitations. The monogram you see here was printed in a gold color with a flat print, but we can also do it in gold foil or letterpress. If you would like to order flat prints of this AC CA logo, they can be ordered directly here: AC CA Monogram Collection. For other custom and personalized order, just contact us.

AC monogram or CA monogram sticker for wedding favor tags and gifts

When it was time for Anna and Christopher to be married, they wanted to have a classic monogram, but also wanted to be able to read the letters. Many times, the really old monogram style is impossible to read well. An AC CA monogram like this is a modern take on a vintage style. The same monogram can be used on other items like thank you cards and menus for your wedding, or just as a way to send a nice note to a friend or family member.

Wedding invitation with CA monogram or AC monogram.

We love to do custom orders, so if you have other letters you need to use in your retro monogram, just get in touch with us.

AC monogram or CA monogram notecard stationery