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2013 Luxury Wedding Invitations

Monday, October 29, 2012

2013 Wedding Invitations

We’re looking ahead to some fantastic luxury wedding invitation trends for 2013. Very popular is a large size, with embellishments like super-thick paper, edge painting, foil stamping and laser cutting. So it’s all about a big statement for spring and summer 2013 wedding invitations! Also on the rise is a trend towards traditional with a slight twist in choosing modern fonts and layout grids.

Foil stamping

Gold printing wedding invitation

For the most luxurious of wedding invitations, it’s all about foil stamping! Foil stamping takes wedding invitations to a whole new level for a few reasons. For one, what is more beautiful than your names revealed in shining gold or silver printing? A classic feel, but an upscale statement that your wedding is a special event.

Black and white foil stamp invitation

White foil stamping on super-black paper

The other advantage of foil stamping is that is gives many more possibilities for color combinations than with letterpress alone, but with the same “pressed-in” textured look that we all love about letterpress. The ultra-modern invitation above was printed with a white foil stamp on top of a fantastic super-smooth and super black paper. Any time we want to see a light-colored print on a dark paper, foil stamping is the way to go!

Edge painting

orange edge painting

In 2013 we see many couples opting for the extra color and fantastic look of edge painting, where the sides of the invitation are painted in any color, like the orange edge painting pictured above, or in more shiny metallic looks like silver and gold.

Laser cut wedding invitations

Laser cut wedding invitation pocketfold

We definitely see the growing trend of this year continuing into 2013, the beautiful laser cut wedding invitation, like the intricate laser cut wrap invitation pictured above. Laser cutting can create very intricate designs, and unique accent pieces that really send a luxury invitation suite over the top.

Thick invitation papers

Museum board wedding invitations super thick

The final mark of a luxury wedding invitation for 2013 is the thickest of cotton papers, that can only be used with letterpress and foil stamping. We’ve seen many couples now opting for 4-ply museum board, sometimes with an additional colored paper backer, like the invitation pictured above. Compare it to the already-fabulous 110lb (1-ply) paper used in many of our invitations and you can see that museum board means your wedding invitations have substance!

We’re ready to discuss your own 2013 luxury wedding invitation from our Washington DC studio, contact us now for your own custom creation!

Portland Wedding Invitations – Letterpress Map

Friday, October 19, 2012

Portland map pocketfold letterpress invitation

UPDATE: So we turned this invitation into a 49 second stop motion viewing experience. Watch it, share it, like and leave a comment. Enjoy!

Portland map letterpress pocketfold invitations

  • Colors & text your choice
  • Customizable
  • 100% cotton paper
  • Matching pieces available
  • Minimum quantity 50

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These unique Portland wedding invitations feature a downtown Portland map in letterpress printing on the back of an invitation pocketfold. The modern invitation is mounted on the inside of the pocketfold, with other pieces tucked into the inside pocket. This set included one of our favorite things, a vintage style postcard with a letterpressed photo, in this case displaying the couple’s venue YU Contemporary. Other vintage maps are available for this great map pocketfold style, contact us to find out what is available for your location!

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Letterpress Invitations by Spark

Saturday, October 13, 2012

gold bar mitzvah invitation

A new line of bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah letterpress invitations has created great excitement here at our Washington DC studio, another great success by Spark! What could be more stunning than a gold foil stamping Star of David and custom gold name on this centerpiece bar mitzvah invitation pictured above? The new line is full of options for custom bar mitzvah invitations, including foil stamping, pocketfolds, crystals, and custom colors. The elegant bat mitzvah letterpress invitations pictured below are a grand but feminine announcement for this special event.

elegant bat mitzvah letterpress invitation

What about black paper with shiny blue foil stamping for your bar mitvah invitations? These invitations arrive in a modern black pocketfold with custom name letterpressed on the front.

blue foil stamped bar mitvah invitation

Even more modern mitzvah invitations can come printed on this kraft grocery bag style paper.

modern mitzvah invitation

These Seattle bat mitzvah invitations are available in other city skylines, such as for your New York or Washington, DC bat mitzvah invitations.

seattle bat mitzvah invitation

These letterpressed guitar bar mitzvah invitations are perfect for the guitar hero in your family.

guitar bar mitzvah invitations

For a sports theme check out these basketball bat mitzvah invitations, and hockey bar mitvah invitations below!

basketball bat mitzvah invitation

hockey bar mitzvah letterpress invitation

hockey bar mitzvah invitation

We love the range of styles for these fantastic designs, be sure to contact us for your own custom letterpress bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah invitations!

modern bar mitzvah invitation poster

bat mitvah letterpress invitation