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5 Creative Ways to Move Your Wedding Party in Washington, DC

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The logistics of moving all your wedding guests from venue to reception is something brides and grooms often forget until the last minute. Here’s a list just for your convenience of creative and fun ways to move your wedding party in Washington, DC.

1) Trolley – Old Town, Alexandria

How charming would it be if your whole party climbed into darling little trollies after your grand ceremony and trailed after your limo or private trolley to the reception, waving at passersby and having a jolly good time? Pretty darn charming, if you ask me. Renting a trolley is not only unique, but also totally doable. So it would not only be convenient for your guests, but for you as well!

3) Ferry – Washington, DC

How great would it be if you had your ceremony on one side of the potomac and your

reception at another venue on the other? There are so many different kinds of ferries available for renting: The Cherry Blossom (pictured), The Miss Christin, The Admiral Tilp, The Miss Mallory, The Lady Josephine, and The Matthew Hayes. Don’t limit yourself and your party to only one side of the Potomac, explore all of DC, on and off shore!


The Potomac River Boat Company owns all of the ferries listed above and are open to private charters – all you have to do is call!

4) DC Ducks – Washington, DC

Quack, quack! Yes, what you’re seeing is not just in your imagination, you can in fact rent a DC Duck Boat for your big day. One thing is required for this to work: a sense of humor! Delight will ensue as your guests leave the ceremony and what do they see? DC Duck Boats as far the eye can see! There are no limitations to where the boats could take them, over the river or through town.

5) Horse Drawn Carriages -Washington, DC

Provided by:

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Nothing spells out romance better than horse drawn carriages through DC. A fall wedding would be perfected with this little addition. The Shenandoah Carriage Company, LLC have elegant carriages all available for rent that specialize in making your big day into a real-life fairy tale.

Destination Save The Dates

Friday, July 26, 2013

Luggage tag save the date

Looking for the perfect save the dates for your destination wedding? There are different ways to go when it comes to design, but we definitely like the ones that bring your guests a little fun! This luggage tag motif for a Caribbean save the date will get your guests in the mood for a little bit of travel. Save the dates are the first formal introductions to your guests and in the case of destination wedding, may carry some very important information they will need to plan.

Turks and Caicos savet the date

You can also bring in a historical feel to your save the dates, like these great Roman tablet save the dates for your Italy wedding.

Rome letterpress save the dates

Who doesn’t love a good map? These map save the dates both modern and vintage set the scene for your location, like this Africa save the date for a wedding in Ghana.

Africa save the date

A vintage California map is the feature of these great Santa Barbara save the dates.

Santa Barbara save the date

Both Rose and Digby absolutely love Paradise Island, so it was with great jealousy that we prepared these Bahamas save the dates.

Bahamas save the date
Paradise Island design by Spark

Destination save the date

If you’re having a summer wedding in Cape Cod be sure to send out your save the dates well in advance, those hotel rooms book up!

Cape Cod save the date

You can also go classic with your destination, like these stunning gold foil script save the dates for an elegant wedding in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas save the date

When it comes to custom save the dates, our goal is to make them special and meaningful for you. These great quilt save the dates were designed to combine the location feel of Amish country, and the groom’s Persian heritage.

Quilt save the dates

When should you send your destination save the dates? Get them out early! Your guests will need time to book their flights and plan their vacation, so if you want them to be at your special day give them enough time to plan. We recommend eight months in advance for international wedding locations, or more depending on how hard it is to book accommodations at your venue.

Stationery Cuts – A New Way to Look at Fine Stationery

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We decided we wanted a better way to showcase fine stationery designs and printing methods created in our studio and thought stop motion would be a pretty neat way to do that. We carved out a little corner in the studio and with a little craftswomanship(TM) and help from the guys, we set up Dragonframe software, a DSLR camera, a Mac and lights and started taking photos. This is the test to see if we could do it! It’s got a homemade feel and took some time to work out the kinks, all done in our stop motion studio (which doubles as the packing station and mail center). Stay tuned for more updates!

Digby & Rose Logo Update

In a few days you’ll notice a change to our logo. We’ve given you a sneak preview on our FaceBook and will make the official announcement over the weekend. We think it’s an improvement and hope you find that it expresses our style. You’ll also find the new Digby & Rose logo embedded within the “Stationery Cuts(tm)” mark. One final hint is to stay tuned until the end. Like it and share it and we’ll see you next week.

Coming Up on Stationery Cuts

It’s an elegant beach wedding invitation set made for the modern bride, featuring unique ocean waves and a shell card!