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AD or DA Monogram, Crest or Logo

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

A wedding logo with AD or DA initials is a classic and traditional design that will look good forever. This vintage monogram was printed in gold foil and will never go out of style. A couple with the initials A and D can use this as a personalized monogram on many items, such as thank you cards, napkins, and wedding invitations. It would also make a great gift, such as a set of vintage notecards for a friend. If you would like to get this retro monogram as a flat printed card, you can order them directly here: AD or DA Monogram Collection.

The initials A and D intertwine together nicely. A traditional invitation is something you can look at in 50 years and still think of it as elegant and timeless. A special note with the AD DA monogram is something that can be treasured as a keepsake.

We also offer all monograms in letterpress and different colors of gold foil. Just contact us for your custom project.

AA Monogram, Crest or Logo

Sunday, August 28, 2022

A two letter AA monogram is a classic way to personalize your invitation or notecard. There’s something regal about a vintage A and A together that’s a way of giving a traditional and elegant message. It is a timeless way to keep your family crest or couple’s logo for many years to come. We offer this AA crest in many different kinds of print. If you would just like a digital print you can visit this online store: AA Monograms in Flat Print.

AA monogram notecards for gifts and weddings.

We are also happy to do these AA monograms in beautiful letterpress or gold foil for your traditional wedding invitation. A full suite of A and A invitations can include an invitations like the one below, as well as reply cards, information cards, and envelopes.

AA monogram wedding invitation

This invitation is for Anna and Alexander, and the intertwined AA is like an embrace of two loving letters, like the As are forever holding each other.

Custom Wedding Portraits, Drawings and Crests

Sunday, August 14, 2022

A custom wedding portrait or illustration to use in save the dates and invitations is something that many couples want to do for their wedding. It might be a custom drawing of the couple, or an illustration of the wedding location or venue. At Digby and Rose, we can do a custom drawing, portrait, crest, or monogram, really any illustration or drawing that you need! They can be realistic, or in watercolor or other artistic style. Our artists are ready to assist you with any painting style for your portrait, to capture a special moment from your journey together. Contact us to discuss your project!

Wedding Portraits

Some couples want to show the moment it all started with a custom proposal drawing. A wedding invitation artist who specializes in drawn portraits can easily do an illustration of the moment of your engagement. We’ll talk to you about the setting and what you want to capture about your moment, as well as the style of drawing such as a watercolor, painting, sketch, cartoon, or other artist style. The couple below had their proposal in an antique library setting. This realistic drawing captures the very moment of the “I do!” in their favorite spot.

This coupe became engaged while on a canoe ride together. This custom drawing shows their sporty proposal, along with their engagement date and favorite flowers.

This couple wanted to show their proposal, but the custom portrait is also of their beloved dogs! This was a great way to bring their pets into the commemoration of their engagement with a cute dog proposal drawing.

Custom Wedding Illustrations

Sometimes the couple would like to show the wedding venue location in a painting or drawing, and use it in their wedding invitations. For example, a wedding might be taking place in a particularly beautiful or historic location, that can become part of the artwork for the wedding invitations. This invitation includes a watercolor sketch of the Church Pieve di San Felice in San Felice, Italy. The custom liner includes the pattern of the tiles being used as table decorations at the wedding reception.

The illustration might also be of something that is special to the couple.

Custom Crests and Monograms

We are also able to design a custom crest or monogram for your wedding invitations and items. The crest can go on items for your wedding day such as napkins, menus, and programs.

A traditional wedding invitation often features a vintage antique monogram, such as this “MJ” or “JM” monogram. The monogram can be used on your save the dates, wedding invitations, or other personal items like notecards and thank you cards. We can do a monogram with any initials to fit your needs.