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Wedding Stamps

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wedding Postage Stamps

A great final touch for your wedding invitations are some beautiful custom wedding stamps. There are many custom wedding postage designs available, in any denomination that you need for your invitations and reply cards. We’ve picked out some lovely selections below, in different themes such as custom monograms, flowers, and rustic. We always recommend that you take a set of your invitations to the post office where you are going to mail them to check the weight and confirm postage denomination. With custom stamps you can have just one stamp for any denomination, rather than needing to buy multiple stamps. This is great if you have a large and heavy invitation!

Custom Monogram Stamps

Simple monogram postage stamps, formal monograms, floral monograms.

Minimalist Green Leaves with Monogram Wedding Stamp Black Stripes Pink Floral Wedding Monogram Stamps Wedding Postage - Customize Your Monogram - Gold


Rustic Wedding Stamps

Old oak tree stamps with initials, birch tree postage stamps, laurel wreath stamps.

old oak tree rustic wedding postage stamps Blush Rustic Monogram Wreath Wedding Postage Stamp birch tree postage stamps for rustic weddings

rustic wedding stamps

Floral Wedding Stamps

Pink roses wedding stamps, and floral wreath wedding stamps.

Bohemian Floral Wreath Monogram Stamp White Anemone Floral Wreath Save the Date Stamp Painted Peach Flower Postage Stamps
floral wedding postage stamps