Traditional Wedding Invitations

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gold printing wedding invitations

A classic, traditional wedding invitation in letterpress is always a great choice. Simple writing in script or calligraphy is elegant and timeless, and will still bring a smile to your face when you look at your invitation in its frame in 20, 40 and 60 years. We love an invitation in all script, or the main script embellishment can be saved just for your names, with the rest in a classic text font. What takes these invitations up to a different level is the quality of the printing and the paper. All of these invitations were printed in traditional letterpress printing on an antique press or with hot foil stamping, on thick and beautiful cotton paper. Although the design may be simple, your guests will know it’s still going to be a time to dress up!

Classic wedding invitations

traditional invitation

Traditional wedding invitation

If you don’t want your wedding invitations to be too simple, there are many ways to bring a little bling to your classic style. Gold printing with a gold foil stamp is also an elegant touch. Extra flourishes and swirls in the style of hand calligraphy also give your traditional invitations more pizazz. To really take it up a notch, invitation edging in all gold foil on an oversized invitation is the way to really make a statement!

Gold and purple invitations

Calligraphy wedding invitations

edge painting

A traditional wedding invitation also signals a certain level of formality to your guests, for weddings that are black tie or formal dress. Added embellishments like an envelope liner, belly band, and hand calligraphy mailing addresses create the whole classic look. Betson , Casinomaxi , Poker Oyna , Youwin , Süperbahis

So when it comes time to choose a style for your wedding invitations, consider taking a step into the past and let a traditional script define your special day. Contact us to customize your look!

Traditional script invitations



  1. isabella

    I found your website and I loved the invitations. I was planning on having something like the traditional wedding invitation in blush with copper foil on it.
    I need 75 invitations in one language and 50 in another. I would love to get a quote.
    Thank you

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