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Monday, September 5, 2022

An elegant letterpress notecard with an antique ML or LM monogram is a beautiful way to send a greeting on special personal stationery. The intertwined letterpress M and L are a retro style, reminiscent of a time when personalized notes would be sent between friends and family. We have this LM ML monogram available on regular flat printed notecards here: LM or ML Monogram Collection. For a letterpress ML LM notecard, please contact us for your custom project. We can do letterpress cards in any color, or print them in gold foil (or other colors of foil).

LM or ML monogram notecards

Custom monograms are also used on classic formal wedding invitations as a way of showing a couple’s new life together. The joined ML and LM letters are a symbol of new life together, and make for a classic decoration on traditional wedding invitations. Often the same custom monogram is used on other items for the couple like cocktail napkins and coasters for the wedding or engagement party. This invitation has an M and L monogram printed in gold, with formal wording for a Washington DC wedding. An invitation also looks great printed on eggshell cotton paper. We have also printed many monogram wedding invitations in gold foil or different colors of letterpress. Please contact us if you would like a custom print for your LM or ML monogram.

ML LM monogram crest logo invitations

Although this ML LM monogram is printed in gold, we can do a design that prints the monogram in any color. If you would like a custom monogram for your wedding invitations or other events, just get in touch and we can personalize your invitations or stationery.

ML LM monogram


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