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5 Creative Ways to Move Your Wedding Party in Washington, DC

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The logistics of moving all your wedding guests from venue to reception is something brides and grooms often forget until the last minute. Here’s a list just for your convenience of creative and fun ways to move your wedding party in Washington, DC.

1) Trolley – Old Town, Alexandria

How charming would it be if your whole party climbed into darling little trollies after your grand ceremony and trailed after your limo or private trolley to the reception, waving at passersby and having a jolly good time? Pretty darn charming, if you ask me. Renting a trolley is not only unique, but also totally doable. So it would not only be convenient for your guests, but for you as well!

3) Ferry – Washington, DC

How great would it be if you had your ceremony on one side of the potomac and your

reception at another venue on the other? There are so many different kinds of ferries available for renting: The Cherry Blossom (pictured), The Miss Christin, The Admiral Tilp, The Miss Mallory, The Lady Josephine, and The Matthew Hayes. Don’t limit yourself and your party to only one side of the Potomac, explore all of DC, on and off shore!


The Potomac River Boat Company owns all of the ferries listed above and are open to private charters – all you have to do is call!

4) DC Ducks – Washington, DC

Quack, quack! Yes, what you’re seeing is not just in your imagination, you can in fact rent a DC Duck Boat for your big day. One thing is required for this to work: a sense of humor! Delight will ensue as your guests leave the ceremony and what do they see? DC Duck Boats as far the eye can see! There are no limitations to where the boats could take them, over the river or through town.

5) Horse Drawn Carriages -Washington, DC

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Nothing spells out romance better than horse drawn carriages through DC. A fall wedding would be perfected with this little addition. The Shenandoah Carriage Company, LLC have elegant carriages all available for rent that specialize in making your big day into a real-life fairy tale.