Stationery Cuts – A New Way to Look at Fine Stationery

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We decided we wanted a better way to showcase fine stationery designs and printing methods created in our studio and thought stop motion would be a pretty neat way to do that. We carved out a little corner in the studio and with a little craftswomanship(TM) and help from the guys, we set up Dragonframe software, a DSLR camera, a Mac and lights and started taking photos. This is the test to see if we could do it! It’s got a homemade feel and took some time to work out the kinks, all done in our stop motion studio (which doubles as the packing station and mail center). Stay tuned for more updates!

Digby & Rose Logo Update

In a few days you’ll notice a change to our logo. We’ve given you a sneak preview on our FaceBook and will make the official announcement over the weekend. We think it’s an improvement and hope you find that it expresses our style. You’ll also find the new Digby & Rose logo embedded within the “Stationery Cuts(tm)” mark. One final hint is to stay tuned until the end. Like it and share it and we’ll see you next week.

Coming Up on Stationery Cuts

It’s an elegant beach wedding invitation set made for the modern bride, featuring unique ocean waves and a shell card!


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