[Infographic] Guide to Save-The-Date Etiquette, Wording & Ideas

Friday, May 25, 2012

You might know all the ins and outs of sending luxury wedding invitations, but save-the-date etiquette, wording, and even design ideas are sometimes less clear.

Save-the-date cards are sent to your guests 6 to 8 months before your wedding date so that your guests can mark it on their calendars and make travel arrangements. They should be sent out even sooner, up to a year in advance, if you are having a destination wedding or during a high travel season. For instance, Cape Cod in the summer, San Diego during Comic-Con International, Mexico in the winter during peak travel season or perhaps Washington, DC during an inauguration. If you are getting married in a relatively small town, you’ll still have to check, you might end up competing with hotel rooms with the annual Texas Bigfoot abductees support group (you never know). The point of using a Save The Date is to be gracious to your guests by giving them enough time with their busy schedules so that they can make travel arrangements well enough in advance and maybe use those airline and credit card points. Save-the-date notices are also used for non destination weddings if more than 25% of your guests are coming in from out of town and your event coincides with a peak travel season.

Digby & Rose, a leading online resource, designer, and letterpress print shop for wedding invitations & stationery wants to help you with your save-the-date cards. Their first wedding guide covered how to choose a wedding photographer and their second guide below will give you everything you need to know about save-the-date etiquette, wording, and even ideas for custom cards.

save the date cards

Guide to Save-The-Date Cards

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  1. Kim

    Great infographic – have shared with several of our brides.
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