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A Valentine’s Day Themed Wedding – More Than Just a Pretty Heart

Friday, January 22, 2016


Valentine Letterpress Light Card

Valentine Letterpress Light Card

Valentine’s Day is well known for being the perfect day to propose. It’s also a popular day to get married and has become a popular theme for many February weddings. Often, people use decorations with hearts, small cupids and other fairly common icons of Valentine’s Day. But Valentine’s Day is more than just lacy hearts and roses. Couples who want to use the Valentine’s Day theme but avoid more commonly used decoration ideas simply need to consider the deeper meanings of the holiday.

A History of Love

Love letters between infamous couples can make a great jumping off point for a theme. The letters between couples such as Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, Abelard and Heloise as well as Marie and Pierre Curie can be used to immerse guests in the rich history of love. Excerpts from these letters can be used in the invitations, place settings and even incorporated into the decoration. Love letters from the couple themselves or ones they have in their own family can also be used to tie the theme together.

Keeping Cupid Company

Valentine’s Day has made the Roman god Cupid a mainstream hero well into the 21st century. Brides and grooms who want to use this theme in their own wedding can give Cupid some company by incorporating other gods from Greek, Roman and other mythologies who also represent love. Potential companions can come from any culture’s mythology, including:

  • Venus – A companion to Cupid in Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love
  • Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love and beauty
  • Hera – Greek goddess of love
  • Rati – a Hindu goddess of passion
  • Aine – the Irish goddess of love
  • Cliodhna – a Celtic goddess of love and beauty

Fun with Favors

A Valentine’s Day theme means wedding favors can be fun and colorful. Drawing on childhood connections to Valentine’s Day such as candy hearts or brightly colored cards can get everyone in the mood not only to celebrate your wedding, but to reminiscence about their own love stories as well. Candy hearts with the couple’s name can be given to guests and heart shaped chocolates, decorated heart picture frames and small plush animals can all be customized as keepsakes for guests. Invitations, venue cards, menus and programs can be made in the style of Victorian valentine cards, scrolls for weddings with a mythology theme or feature the Valentine’s Day story connected to the couple.

Valentine’s Day themes for weddings can be a fun and creative way for couples to celebrate their own connection to the special date or simply as a way to immerse all the guests in a celebration of love. By tapping into the wider history of the holiday, couples can use infamous love stories, cultural icons and mythology and even simple childhood connections to the holiday as a way to celebrate their own special day and to encourage their guests to relive their own love stories as well.

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Friday, December 21, 2012

Elegant winter wedding invitation

Summer has been associated with weddings for years and, in fact, prices and availability for wedding venues, flowers, tuxedos and just about everything else tend to spike, especially during high wedding season in June. As a result, plenty of wedding parties are beginning to look for inspiration in other seasons and winter is quickly becoming the new summer when it comes to a beautiful seasonal backdrop for wedding ceremonies and parties.

Winter and Holiday Themed Weddings

Winter weddings can be a heck of a lot of fun because they often take on a Christmas or festive theme in order to play up to all the aspects of the season. Holiday themed flower arrangements pop with color thanks to the deep red of poinsettias against the vibrant greens and bright whites of other Christmas flowers like holly and mistletoe. The colors for winter and Christmas themed weddings can be anything from the ultra-traditional red and green to more modern takes on the season which incorporate white or silver with a crisp light blue and brown or a deep burgundy against a forest green with gold accents.

Christmas Themed Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations sent out for Christmas-time weddings need to stand out so that they don’t get jumbled up with the usual round of Christmas and Holiday cards that become commonplace after mid-November.  You can make your invitations stand out just by using soft cotton or bamboo envelopes that are addressed by a calligrapher.  Another way not to get lost in the shuffle is to consider a royalty size invite (6 X 9).

  • Sending out Save the Date cards at least 9 months in advance, will put the event on the calendar by April and then send out the invitations by the beginning of November to ensure ample notice and to allow time for an RSVP;
  • Using a unique and memorable, single non-folded card with and elegant script font with simple information of who, what, when and where.  It’s usually-Save The Date-Lisa & Steve-Are Getting Married-December 21st 2013-Washington, DC.  There are no rules to follow for a Save The Date, just have fun with it; they don’t even have to match your invites.  We suggest that they’re interesting and pretty enough to be displayed for the months leading up to the event.  Here’s one we did that features a calligraphy style DC Metro map.

Washington DC metro map save the date invitation

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… And Your Life

Planning a winter wedding can make your special day truly stand out – not only for your guests but also for you and your future husband or wife. So embrace the holiday aspects of the season to make your wedding unforgettable – all the way from your initial Save the Date and Invitation cards through to holiday inspired decorations and the cake. There are plenty of themes to play on through the winter and best of all in cities like Washington, DC the winter months are off season so hotel rates and packages can add up to quite a savings with plenty of things to do including a brand new ice rink in the heart of Georgetown that’s bigger than the one in Rockefeller Center in NYC.