Selecting Invitations for Your Spring Wedding

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leaves wedding invitations

Whether your wedding will be a formal affair with a classic, elegant style or something a bit more whimsical and light-hearted, tailoring the invitations to reflect the theme of the event can set the tone for your event long before it actually arrives. Remember, the invitations will give your guests their first impression of your big day weeks or even months before they witness it.

Springtime and weddings seem to go hand in hand. After all, what’s a wedding without flowers? Since these natural beauties make their first appearance of the year during the spring months, nature’s bounty can almost seem like an extension of the arrangements and bouquets that adorn your ceremony space.

spring wedding invitations

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Integrating natural elements like floral and botanical themes into your wedding invitation design is a great way to reflect both the season and your own personal style. Couples planning an elegant, black tie event may want to keep more formal invitation design in mind to reflect the tone of their event. Clean lines, understated colors, engraving and classic script or calligraphy are the hallmarks of a traditional wedding. Copperplate fonts are also a common choice for classic wedding invitations, as is a mixture of copperplate and script. When sophistication is the name of the game, let your crisp colors and iconic floral themes speak for themselves.

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Some weddings are less formal, which gives you more leeway when it comes to appropriate invitation design. Vintage elements and bohemian touches can lend an incredibly romantic air to a spring wedding, while fun embellishments in preppy hues create a fresh finish for invitations to a relatively casual event. Whimsical splashes of riotous color and flower prints are also appropriate for springtime events. Weddings with a sleek, modern theme may not typically include floral elements, but you can still bring in spring-like elements with your color choices. Typography will generally take center stage on modern invitations, with fewer illustrative touches.  ,  , erotik film izle , gaziantep rus escort

Remember that your wedding is a day that celebrates the beginning of your life as a married couple, and should be a reflection of your personalities. Your wedding invitations will set the stage for your big day and the expectations that your guests have regarding the type of ceremony to expect, so you’ll also want to keep the theme of those invitations in keeping with the theme of the ceremony itself. Whether you’re married to tradition or a couple of quirky free spirits taking the plunge into matrimony in your own unique way, make sure that your wedding invitations are both a preview of the event to come and a celebration of your personal tastes.


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