Filigree Border Luxury Wedding Invitations

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Filigree border luxury wedding invitations

Filigree border invitations

  • Colors & text your choice
  • Customizable
  • 100% cotton paper
  • Matching pieces available
  • Minimum order quantity 50

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Traditional Style, Modern Luxury

We love this filigree border luxury wedding invitation when it’s time for a wedding invitation that needs a grand entrance. A letterpress invitation that’s beautiful and elegant, but at the same time an unmistakeable statement that this wedding is fun but formal, and you’d better dress up! From the large Royalty size to the flourishes framing the invitation text, this invitation is all about vintage luxury.

Special Touches

The filigree invitation isn’t just amazing to look at, but also invites you to touch and feel. The “blind” debossed filigree border in letterpress printing creates a gorgeous impression on the super-thick 220lb paper, contrasting with rich burgundy text. The coolest thing of all is the edge painting in a fabulous shade of orange to really take it to the next level.

Vintage invitations

The vintage feel of these invitations comes from the late 1800’s ornaments used to form the filigree border, giving the impression of an ornate frame around the text. A classic feel but with a modern flair, going beyond your everyday engraved invitation! Additional pieces such as the reply card, information card, and oversized envelopes complete the suite.


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