The CIO painted edge letterpress business card

Monday, March 12, 2012

Letterpress business card computer professional

The CIO (Chief Information Officer) painted edge letterpress business card was designed in our studio for a high tech computer engineer with a sense of vintage style. We’d show you the other side, but since he has a security clearance then we’d have to (well, you know the drill). Since our client works in Japan, he is sure to be the envy of every Japanese person with which he meets and goes through the ritual of business card exchange. The soft feel of cotton on 220 LB paper and the crisp letterpress feel that only an antique steel machine can deliver.

Modern Ctrl + Alt + Del keys contrast with a vintage etching style. The sky blue painted edge adds a touch of uniqueness and luxury to these letterpress business cards. Really, if you’re going to have a business card, make it letterpress on 220lb paper with a painted edge! It has the ability to make any ordinary card extraordinary.

Edge painting letterpress business card

IT professional business card letterpress

Unique computer business cards letterpress


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