Hydrangea Flower Wedding Invitation

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hydrangea letterpress invitations

Hydrangea Wedding invitations

  • Colors & text your choice
  • Customizable
  • 100% cotton paper
  • Matching pieces available
  • Minimum order quantity 50



The Victorians weren’t just about interminable corsets and dirigibles. They also had a preoccupation with weddings. If not for your wedding reception, why else would they have invented cameras, stamps, bicycles, and the language of flowers? We have ladies and gents of the late 1800s to thank for equating hydrangea in a wedding bouquet to a love that lasts forever. Very auspicious, especially on your two color letterpress wedding invitation.

Printed on cotton paper in your choice of colors, Queen Victoria would find this classic Hydrangea letterpress stationery suite suitably luxurious and unique. Your guests, however, will just know they are in for a very gracious summer wedding fete.

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