Fun and Creative Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding

Monday, April 2, 2012

wedding guest bookWith so much to do on your wedding day, and so many guests to see, many couples often find they don’t have enough time to greet and talk to all their guests. Guest books can help you keep track of all the family and friends who helped you celebrate your big day, as well become a wonderful keepsake where well-wishers can share messages of love and luck with you and your fiance. If you are looking for something a little more creative than the traditional guest book you find at weddings, keep reading. Here we will share some of the most creative, and beautiful wedding guest book ideas we have come across.

Envelope-Filled Guest Book

Instead of simply asking guests to scrawl a message in a book for all to see, encourage more personal, intimate messages by inviting guests to write upon pieces of paper and place them inside individual envelopes glued into a book. Scrapbooks work great for this type of guest book since they have larger pages and provide room for more envelopes. For an extra touch of uniqueness, purchase patterned paper from a craft store. If you look in the scrap booking aisle at most craft stores you will find hundreds of different colors and types of paper, this can brighten up your guest book and encourage guests to have a little fun with the messages they leave. Encourage guests to write their names and addresses on their envelope, so when it comes time to send out your thank you notes you have everyone’s contact information in one place.

Luxury Stationery Cards

If you are looking to incorporate elegance and sophistication into your wedding ceremony, luxury stationery cards are a great option. These cards can be printed on a variety of different types of paper, and can display unique designs created by letterpress printing or embossing. You can either provide several different styles of card, and allow guests to choose their own; or you can also provide one, beautifully designed stationery card if you would like a uniform look.

Polaroid Guest Book

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so fill your guest book up with fun polaroids to capture exactly what each guest looked like, wore and had to say on the day you were married. If you would like guests to have a little fun, consider setting out props for the pictures, such as hats, boas, silly glasses or other costume pieces. Leave out different colored markers so guests can pen their own well wishes on the bottom or back of each Polaroid. Once the day is over tape all the Poloraids into a keepsake book.

Traveling Guest Book

This guest book is great for those couples who like to make a statement. Gather together a list of cities that each wedding guest is traveling from. Paint these city’s names on pieces of wood and include the mileage between your venue and their hometown. Then take these individual pieces of wood and nail them to a small wooden stake so they resemble an old-fashioned road traffic sign. Then have guests sign their names in permanent marker on the city where they came from.

Guest Tree

Turn your family and friends’ beautiful messages into a touching decoration you can display in your home for years to come. Buy a small tree-like ornament. Many craft stores have miniature trees actually crafted from wood, while you can find porcelain and metal tree-like sculptures at many home goods stores. Make sure the tree you choose has plenty of branches from which guests can hang their messages. Depending upon the size of your tree, either have guests sign miniature ornaments, or pieces of paper with loops of ribbon attached to them. Then have guests hang these messages from the tree. For a romantic look, hang small candle valises or twinkle lights from the some of the branches as well.

Postcards and Mailbox

Buy a collection of different postcards, or ask guests to bring one from their hometown. Have guests write their messages on these postcards then place them inside a mailbox. If you are going for a rustic look, a simple metal mailbox can provide a beautiful finish to your guest table. If you would like to get more creative, you can paint and decorate the mailbox with fabric, buttons, shells or any other trinkets that embody the theme of your ceremony. Again, ask guests to leave their names and addresses on their postcards so you are sure to have everyone’s information when it comes time to send out thank you letters.

Quilt-style Guest Book

If you are an avid sewer, or you are looking for a guest book you can display around your house this is the perfect guest book for you. Ask guests to sign and leave their messages on pieces of fabric. If you like you can color coordinate this fabric with the colors of your wedding, your home, or you can simply leave a variety of different colors and see what guests come up with. After the wedding is over, sew these individual pieces of fabric together and you will have a beautiful quilt to display on your walls or place on your bed.

Keys to a Wonderful Marriage

If you would like to add a touch of antique style to your ceremony consider this truly unique guest book. Purchase a bunch of old, Victorian keys. Purchase roughly as many keys as you have guests attending, with a few spares just in case. Don’t worry about matching the metals or style of keys, as the more diverse your collection the more stunning it will look. Provide a trunk, ornamental vase, or other holder for the keys and ask guests to write their messages on slips of paper. These can either be messages of love, or you ask guests what they believe is the ‘key to a wonderful marriage’. Guests will then ties their messages to a key and drop it in the holder.

Guest books are one of the best ways to celebrate family and friends who attended your wedding, and share this special moment with them even if you don’t have time to personally greet everyone. Get inspired by some of these creative guest book designs and you’re sure to throw a wedding everyone will be talking about.


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