Green Apple Martini Party Invitations

Friday, June 15, 2012

Martini party invitations

Green Apple Martini Party Invitations

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Letterpress Party Invitations

Is there another way to celebrate a double digit (33) birthday party other than with apple martinis announced on a custom letterpress invitation and printed pocket fold card? How many of us have been invited to a party with just an email? My grandmother would say that the whole world has gone to hell in a hand basket (I never understood that one). A few weeks ago a very sincere woman from the South called and asked about personal stationery. After a few minutes, she told me the story of how she received an email thank you note from her niece for a wedding gift and attending her wedding. She said, and I quote, “I almost threw up!”

Designing and printing these invites for intimate 50 person gathering really meant a lot to us. It meant that manners did not die with technology at the speed of the Evite. It meant that letterpress lives and will continue. We make many invitations for many people, but it’s rare to have a single guy walk into the studio and hear him say, “I’m celebrating my 33rd birthday and throwing a party, what can you do to help me make the invitation special?” We’re pleased to see a shift coming from the younger set (I think it’s Generation Y?) from taking no time and effort in sending an invitation to taking care and thought in sending out one, which reminds me, I have to send him a thank you note for giving me some inspiration today.

Invitation Details

5 X 7 Letterpress Invitation, letterpress printed on silver paper with an apple green ink in a portrait orientation. The typography and design is based on the poster grid system.

5 X 7 Letterpress Pocketfold, letterpress printed silver ink on green apple paper with silver button and string.

5 X 7 Matching silver envelopes.


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