Bachelorette Party Sample Invitation Wording

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording 1
He caught her
hook, line and sinker!
Help us celebrate Kristen’s
last days as a single woman
at a Surprise Party in her honor
on May 19th at 8 PMThe Lotus Lounge,
1420 K St, NW
Washington DC

R.S.V.P. to Lisa at 985-6849

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording 2
A great friend is getting married and asked me if I would stand beside her at the altar
I must get a dress and hold the flowers and give a wedding toast but throwing the Bachelorette Party
is the job I like most!
Celebrate with the bride-to-be
Hillary Hansen
on Saturday, November 1st at 9 PM
at Tattoo BarHosted by Rita Evans

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording 3
It’s time for the girls to
mix & mingle
These are Jami’s last
days of being single!
Time is ticking and bells
will soon chime
Don’t you think this is
the perfect time?
Jamie Rydberg & Paulette Rauzy
request the pleasure of your
company at an
Around the Clock Shower
Honoring Jami Larson
Sunday, June 27th, 2019 at 2 PMPaulette’s House
241 K St NE
Washington, DC

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording 4
It’s time for the girls to
mix & mingle
These are Josie’s last days
of being single!
Join us for sangria & tapas too
Before Josie says
her final “I Do”You are invited to a
Bachelorette Party
Honoring Josie Noble
on December 5th at 9 PM at

2419 1st St NW
Washington, DC

Hosted by:
Her Bridesmaids

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording 5
Stephanie McDermott is tying the knot
Join us for one last evening of fun
May 13, 2017
9:00 in the evening
at Peyote CafeKimberly McDermott

Say goodbye to freedom

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording 6
Put On Your Dancing Shoes!Join us for “Girl’s Night Out”
in honor of
Jennifer Carter
on Friday, July 29th at 8:30 p.m.

Bar Nun
1326 U St NW
Washington, DC

Jessica Goldberg and Kelly Brown


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