Fleur de lis wedding invitations in 2012 colors

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fleur-de-lis Wedding Invitation 2012 Colors

Time to show our fleur de lis wedding invitations in the many combinations of colors we want to see in 2012! The fleur de lis (lily flower) design is thought to have originated in France during the Middle Ages. It is associated with monarchy and has a regal look to it. So it’s perfect for your French theme or New Orleans wedding invitations. We have many combinations of colors available, but these wedding theme colors are at the top of our list!
(This design is available flat-printed in our Zazzle store!)

Fleur-de-lis in Many Colors

Fleur de lis wedding invitation colors

The Letterpress Light pressing is so deep it adds such a great feel and texture to the invitations.

Fleur-de-lis in Many Colors

Fleur-de-lis in Many Colors


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