DC letterpress business cards

Friday, December 9, 2011

Letterpress business cards

Here in our Washington, D.C. invitation design and print studio we also love designing and printing letterpress business cards! If you believe that first impressions are lasting, then connect with your clients and contacts with a thick cotton letterpress business card with lots of texture. We’ve seen it ourselves, people can’t stop looking and touching them as soon as they get them in their hands! This selection of letterpress cards are printed on 100% cotton Crane’s Lettra paper, on white and off-white, with one in ocean blue cardstock. Foil stamp, edge painting, embossing and letterpress light printing methods are also available and we’ll post the photos so check back from time to time and get some letterpress business card inspiration here.

Letterpress business cards

Former White House photographer and world traveler, Paul Morse. Rose prefers his wedding photo shoots while Digby likes the inaugural photos on his website.

letterpress 110lb vs 220lb

Some of our favorite business cards are prepared on super-thick 220lb cardstock. It is a little hard to convey the difference between Crane’s Lettra 110lb and 220lb paper online, but this photo gives you some idea of how much thicker the 220lb feels in the hand.

Letterpress card Finnian's moon

Letterpress business cards mobile tag

100 year old printing press meets modern technology with a letterpress mobile tag!

Letterpress business card Ralph Alswang

Ralph Alswang, also a former White House photographer. A native New Yorker, Ralph’s matter of fact style communicates in his photos for public relations and weddings as well as his card which was designed as a nod to the print newspaper photojournalists of the past-produced in 2 colors on 220 LB cotton.

Letterpress business card Heavenly Hydrangeas

Letterpress card Batu Homes

Business cards are like small ambassadors. What does yours say about you?

die cut letterpress cards

Need a special die-cut business card? No problem! Contact us today and we’ll make the impression last with letterpress.


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