We have many different printing styles, sizes, options, and designs here at Digby & Rose. Some printing options vary by the quantity ordered. As a result, each order becomes a custom quote. Please get in touch with us to get a quote on particular sets or options. Or, we will do our best to help you come up with a combination that fits into your budget!

As a general idea of pricing you can expect:

Custom design:
An original custom design estimate will be based on our discussion with you of your project’s complexity and number of pieces, which helps us determine the design time and expertise required. Pricing for the design can range anywhere from $150 to $1,500 and up depending on what is required to create something wonderful for you.

Letterpress wedding sets:
An order of 100 1-color 5x7in invitations, 1-color 4.125×5.5in reply cards, and envelopes for both with letterpress return addresses is approximately $1,800.

Luxury Wedding Invitations:

An order of 100 letterpress luxury invitation sets is around $3,300. This would generally include the following:

  • Royalty size invitation (6 X 9) with extra thick 2-ply cotton paper with 1 foil and 1 letterpress
  • 1-color letterpress reply card
  • 1-color letterpress details card
  • Invitation envelopes with 1-color letterpress return address
  • Reply card envelopes with 1-color letterpress mailing address
  • Custom layouts

We will always provide accurate and reliable pricing upon request, just contact us!

Mailing address printing

We are able to print digital mailing addresses in a calligraphy font or font that matches your invitations. Pricing is a $65 setup fee and $1.75/envelope.

Other pieces and printing:
We have many more printing methods and materials available, if you already have something in mind we can give you an estimate!