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Coral and Waves Letterpress and Foil

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Modern beach wedding invitations

Coral and Waves Letterpress Wedding Invitations

  • Customizable
  • 100% cotton paper
  • Matching pieces available
  • Minimum order quantity 50

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A Different Kind of Beach Theme Wedding, Coral and Waves

Our client came to us and wanted something a little different but her wedding invitation had to include waves, coral shapes and a monogram for her and her future husband. She loved the look and feel of letterpress and wanted texture and a touch of gold foil. With that in mind, we inserted a design pattern of waves into a quatrefoil border which raised the center panel giving this set the desired textured. Now that the main invitation design was complete all we had to do to pull it all together is add some design elements to the other cards including coral inks. You have to admit everything looks better when it is letterpressed.

Recently we decided to play around with the way that we display our invitation designs on the web and thought that stop motion would be a fun experiment. There’s sound to this video so if you’re in an office make sure your speakers are turned down as to not alert your coworkers that your searching for the perfect wedding invitations.

-Gold Foil and Aqua Letterpress Invitation
-Aqua Letterpress RSVP
-Coral Letterpress Rehearsal Dinner Card
-Coral Letterpress Rehearsal RSVP
-Coral Monogram Envelope Liner
-100% Cotton Envelopes


Coral Theme and Ocean Waves Invitation from Heather Noss on Vimeo.

Modern Black and Blue Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blue and black bar mitzvah invitations

Blue and Black Spark Pocketfold Bar Mitzvah Invitations

  • Colors & text your choice
  • Customizable
  • 100% cotton paper
  • Matching pieces available
  • Minimum order quantity 50

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Blue Foil Stamp on Black Invitations

There’s nothing more impactful than bright blue foil stamping on a black background. The combination just jumps out and makes a dramatic impression that looks clean, crisp and elegant. This black pocketfold Bar Mitzvah invitation made a statement without needing photos, graphics or even showy designs to liven it up. With just a simple silver border to tie it all together, this invitation used rich texture and great letterpress to make a lasting impression.

Masculine Invitations for the Growing Man!

What better way to represent a young man’s transition into manhood than with a simple masculine Bar Mitzvah invitation? Dylan’s family decided on a clean black pocketfold invitation, complete with a simple gray RSVP card, to send out to guests. No childish bells and whistles. Just a great looking, mature message.

Personalizing Your Event

You can also get a rich textured invitation like this. If you have a simple design in mind, we can transform that into a strong and memorable event invitation. We just need to know your ideal colors, typography design, and paper choice. Want shiny foil stamping? Choose from dozens of colors, from silver and gold to blue and black. Imagine how you want that foil stamping to be laid out and what fonts will look best. Foil stamping looks amazing against a solid matte finish paper, but maybe you want the invitation to really shine – so a metallic finish might be what you have in mind. There are so many design touches that can really help personalize your invitation to capture your tastes and quirks. Give us a call today and let us help you get started on your invitation!

Luxury Invitation Touches 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Painted Edges, Thick Soft Paper and Letterpress

When you’re searching for luxury invitations and just haven’t found one with the right touch of color, consider painting the edges of the paper. It’s done by hand by people who love stationery and creating those unique touches. The process is simple, but tricky. All you need is an ink roller and a steady hand. No machinery required. Although, if you want silver or gold foil leaf on your edges, it may get a little more complicated.

Green invitation edge paintingWater Color Technique with Letterpress Text and Green Painted Edge
Creating water color designs on thick cotton paper has improved thanks to innovations in digital printing on thicker papers. These invitations were printed digitally from the original design, with the addition of letterpressed text and a dark green paper backer. The painted edge in a fresh spring green was the final touch. The goal was to create a whimsical water color invitation based on a children’s book set in a garden.

Coral edge paintingCoral Painted Edge Stationery
A wedding invitation created with antique gold ink script font and a touch of color added to the edge. When you want a hint of pink but not too much!

Gold edge paintingGold Painted Edge Stationery
For this luxury wedding invitation we created for a ceremony held in Rome, Italy, the couple wanted something as lavish as their event. We used museum board (4-ply museum board-it’s twice as thick as the 220LB paper) and created a dimpled texture with a letterpress. The invitation was topped off with a copper foil stamp with a custom crest with the couple’s initials.

Red edge paintingRed Ink Stationery Edge
This invitation was inspired by a wine bottle and a red, white and black wedding theme. The red painted edge gave it the touch it needed to pull the invitation set together, and was tied together in the end with a deep red belly band.

Silver foil edge gildingSilver Foil Gilded Edge
Why stop at a regular painted edge when you can have actual shiny foil gleaming at the edge of your invitation? This beauty was done in shiny silver foil, but foil options come in many colors, from gold to blue to fuschia!

Lilac edge paintingLilac Painted Stationery Edge

Hot pink edge paintingHot Pink Stationery Edge

Painted edges can add $175+ to the price of average wedding invitation set per piece. For a perfectly elegant luxury wedding invitation, consider using a nice calligraphy font printed in letterpress on a formal size invitation of (6X9) and for a touch of color, paint the edges. For something truly special, carry that theme throughout the set and paint the edges of the RSVP card and all the other inserts. To go over the top, you can use the painted edge color as the envelope liner or use the same color as the RSVP return envelope.

To create your own painted edge invitation set, contact us and one of our designers will be happy to discuss a project with you.