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Pop the Question, Then the Champagne

Friday, December 14, 2012

Men (and women) have been getting down on one knee and asking for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage for generations. From the awkward to the sublime, there are thousands, even millions, of different ways for guys to pop the question. And, thanks to the internet, there are now more than a few engagement videos out there which show off some of the more inventive ways people have gotten engaged. To some, these videos, pictures and stories are heartwarming, but for the guy looking for the mind-blowingly unique way to propose they can be pretty intimidating. Luckily, all of these videos work to illustrate the three simple rules to asking the question in the perfect way.

Set the Scene

Remember to choose the setting carefully. If the woman you love is a bit shy, you may not want to ask her in the middle of a crowd or where you’re likely to attract a lot of attention. But, if she loves attention or a certain public event or venue, play to your strengths. There’s a great story about a guy named Matt Still, who used a public place to his advantage when proposing to his girlfriend. Matt had always told his girlfriend, Ginny, that they would make the movies jealous. So, he hired a filmmaker to help him create a movie trailer, rented out a local movie theater and then offered to take Ginny out to the movies. Matt had invited Ginny’s close family and friends as well as some theater employees who were in on the surprise. When his engagement proposal trailer ran, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house and, when the lights came up, Ginny accepted and they were able to celebrate with their friends and family, which in retrospect was quite private compared to the attention the proposal would soon receive. The engagement was video-taped and played on YouTube and it wasn’t long before global news channels and talk shows, including Ellen, were picking up the story.

Make it Personal

While Matt’s proposal may have gotten him and his fiance into the national spotlight, the key to a truly memorable proposal is to simply make it personal. Inside jokes and shared passions are the best foundation for proposals that will have her not only saying yes but remembering that special moment each time she glances down at her ring. One of our favorite proposal stories around here is the infamous New York Times crossword puzzle proposal. Back in 1998, Bill Gottlieb actually hired crossword puzzle Guru Will Shortz to sneak in a personal message and proposal to his then girlfriend Emily Mindel in the New York Times crossword. Bill knew Emily was a huge fan of the daily puzzles and he sat quietly and nonchalantly reading the newspaper as she filled out the Wednesday crossword, as he knew she would that morning. Emily begin to take notice of coincidental clues and answers like her’s and Bill’s names, “A Modest Proposal”, “This Diamond Ring”, and then the answer, “Will You Marry Me?” to a clue. The final answer, and the one Bill had been hoping to hear for months, was “Yes” to 57-down.

Just ASK!

Don’t drive yourself crazy – or give yourself a case of cold feet – by over thinking the proposal. While creative proposal stories are fun to read and hear about, at the end of the day it comes down to the two of you. No one knows your girlfriend better than you. Plus, a simple proposal can be the best thing possible. Who needs a giant flash mob when you can propose over Twitter? While some people may say that proposing over the internet is tacky, keep in mind that it worked for Greg Rewis. Greg made it into the history books – and down the aisle – when he popped the first proposal via Twitter in 2008.

When you ask a girl to marry you, you’re giving her more than a ring. You’re literally giving her one of the most memorable moments of her life. No matter if your proposal takes place while curled up in front of a fire, sitting atop a Ferris Wheel or in front of a million football fans through the magic of Jumbotron, just remember to ask from the heart. It’s the only ingredient you need for a truly memorable engagement.

What’s your favorite proposal story? We want to hear about your own crazy proposals. How’d you get your girlfriend to say yes? Or what was it that he did that you just couldn’t resist? Tell us about your unique stories or amazing proposals you’ve heard about that left you laughing, crying or just completely shocked.

We’ll start… here’s a video of our clients, Ben and Kristi. Ben popped the question through chorus, choreographed dance and complete surprise at Disneyland! We’re proud to say we did the wedding invitations (fleur de lis) for this wacky and lucky couple, who even had their wedding at the happiest place on earth. Talk about a fairytale come true!

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